The Gospel at Work helps Christians live extraordinary, gospel-centered lives in their workplaces.

What is God’s purpose for my work? How should the gospel change the way I do my job? How does a Christian strategize and plan their career? This conference is for every Christian with a workplace (and those who hope to have one soon).

Why this conference? The Need.

Most Christians spend half of their waking lives at work, but we’ve been taught very little about how to carry the truths of the gospel into our Monday to Friday life. Because of this glaring disparity between practical need and lack of instruction, it is not uncommon for Christians to hold the wrong view of work. They make an idol of work – finding their identify more in what they do than in their relationship with Christ, they prioritize the money, possessions and status their work can provide. They are idle at work – concluding that work doesn’t really matter, they settle for mediocrity and excuse poor attitudes and performance, believing non-ministry work to be of less value to God than their church-related activities.

Our Perspective: The Gospel at Work

Both of these mindsets — idolatry of work and idleness at work  — are serious misunderstandings of how God intends Christians to think about their roles in the workplace. In the Bible, God provides a better and more dynamic way to think about work: “Who we work for is more important than what we do.” This has profound implications for our lives at work. This conference will help you think biblically and live wisely in your workplace.

Interested in partnering with us to host a conference?

Please contact us at partnerships@thegospelatwork.com to learn more about how we can partner together in building up and encouraging your church community.

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