Supporting Business Leaders in your Church: A Case Study (Washington, DC, 2013 Audio)

Nelson Cooney

How can you support business leaders at your church? Come hear this case study on The Business Leadership Group (BLG). The BLG is comprised of ten company owners and senior executives from Covenant Life Church (CLC) who meet on a monthly basis for mutual accountability and business counsel. The BLG is modeled after secular organizations like Vistage, where executives pay thousands of dollars to be a part of a peer advisory group. The group brings together businessmen from various industries (law, finance, technology) with an emphasis on bringing Biblical wisdom to the challenges Christian men face in the marketplace. The BLG meets once a month for half a day and functions like an advisory board for the members. This is a simple model that can be adapted to serve local churches and Christians from various industries. Come to this session to hear testimonies from BLG members, understand how the group is structured and to learn how you can organize a BLG in your local church.

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