Austin, TX


The Gospel at Work

Location: Austin, Tx

Start: Friday, February 17  •  6:00 PM

End: Saturday, February 18  •  12:00 PM

Most people spend at least 80,000 hours of their lives working. Wouldn’t you like to know how to worship God with that time?

The Gospel at Work conference will help you think biblically about your work. Speakers will provide practical wisdom on how to approach the challenges you face in the workplace and offer insight into God’s concern for your work.

You’ll also meet godly men and women from a variety of industries for a series of very practical discussions on topics like career planning as Christians, leading in the workplace and business as a mission field.

If you wrestle with questions about your work, or if you care about someone who does, this conference is for you.


Friday, February 17, 2017
5:30pm Registration
5:45pm Networking & Light Dinner
6:30pm Welcome & Introduction
7:00pm Keynote with Sebastian Traeger
8:00pm Keynote with Shai Linne
Saturday, February 18, 2017
8:00am Coffee & Breakfast
8:30am Women in the Workplace
8:30am Gospel Driven Productivity
8:30am Your Work & God’s Kingdom
9:45am Keynote: Workplace Evangelism
10:15am Keynote: Career Planning
11:00am Bring Your Ideas to Life
11:00am Gospel Fluency in Your Work
11:00am Your Work for the Nations
11:00am GO to Work
12:00pm Closing & Prayer

Breakout Sessions

How to Choose a Job: A Guide to Career Planning
Sebastian Traeger | Should Christians plan their careers or trust in God to open doors? What are the priorities we should consider when making a job change? Biblical wisdom helps us learn to make practical plans that honor God. Sebastian Traeger will walk you through how to approach your current job and future career in a practical, biblical way.
Gospel Productivity: How to be more Effective in your Job
Brian Lundin & Rex Hamilton | We believe God cares about how we live each day. And we believe He shows us through His Word how to glorify Christ with our whole life. Yet in the daily grind of mundane tasks, honoring God too often remains the intention of our heart without becoming the direction of our work. This breakout is for the overcommitted and overloaded: those who want to cut through the noise and get more done in their work or in their home. Whether you are a working professional, a student, or a stay-at-home parent, the gospel offers a way forward.
Practical Workplace Evangelism: How to be an Active Evangelist in your Workplace
Ashok Nashnani | As cultural opposition toward Christianity grows, what is its effect on your evangelism at work? Are you more faithful or more fearful? What does it look like to be an active evangelist in the workplace? Ashok Nachnani—who himself became a Christian in large part through the witness of a co-worker—will help you think through some very practical approaches to sharing the gospel with colleagues and cultivating a more faithful workplace witness.
Launch Ventures: Bring Your Idea to Life
Justin Lopez & Elizabeth Staggers | Great ideas rarely come to fruition, and even fewer are built to last. We’re here to change that. We equip leaders with the skills and support they need to bring a restorative idea to life. With experience in launching a variety of organizations, Launch Ventures acts as a guide as you navigate the phase of entity creation. Whether you have an interest in joining us as an entrepreneur or advisor, come learn more about how to get connected!
Global Cities Initiative: Your Work for the Nations
Ryan King & Sebastian Traeger | More than half of the world’s population lives in global urban centers. To meet this growing trend, the International Mission Board is piloting a new initiative to develop an intentional focus on global cities. We will share about The Austin Stone’s leadership in GCI and how you can be involved in reaching the nations through your work. This breakout is for anyone interested in the possibility of using their current vocation for overseas missions.



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