Aaron Hartman

Aaron graduated Summa Cum Laude in Biology from Virginia Commonwealth University and then went on the earn his medical degree and finish his residency at the Medical College of Virginia. He is currently a physician owner at Family Practice Associates where he has helped grow the practice to its current size of over 80 employees with over 50,000 patient visits a year. Aaron also started Virginia Research Center, a private clinical research company, in 2010 and is opening his third business, Richmond Functional Medicine, later this year. Aaron has received a MAR from Reformed Theological Seminary and served several command positions in the USAF, finally earning the rank of Major prior to separation. He is the author of ADOPTED God’s Plan ‘A’. In addition to his professional life, Aaron and his wife Rebekah have a small working farm outside of Richmond Virginia with their three adopted children Anna, Abigail and Kahlil.

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