Ashok Nachnani

Ashok Nachnani is a member at Imago Dei Church in Raleigh, North Carolina, where he currently work as Director, Data Center Software Solutions at Schneider Electric and is co-owner of Reliance Capital Investments, a real estate investment company in Raleigh, NC.. He was raised Hindu and came to Christ in his late 20s through workplace evangelism. As he has matured in his faith, he has been called to serve his church as both a deacon and elder. He is regular speaker at Gospel at Work conferences, leading breakout sessions on evangelism in the workplace. He also serves as a board member of The Gospel at Work ministry. Ashok is the richly blessed husband of Michelle and father of Noemi, Luke, and Neela. He and Michelle also have the privilege to serve as foster parents in Wake County, NC.

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