Mike Baer

Mike Baer has over 25 years experience in organizational and leadership development and is the author of ‘Business as Mission – The Power of Business in the Kingdom of God’. He is the founder of several businesses including a strategic consulting and business advisory firm, a construction company and a bed and breakfast inn. Mike also serves as Executive Director of an international mission organization specializing in microenterprise and in this role he has launched a small business incubation process which is in use in over seventeen countries. As well as his rich experience of the business as mission movement, Mike brings an understanding of the biblical basis for business that rejects the compartmentalizing of ‘sacred / secular’ thinking and presents an exciting perspective on the role of business in the Kingdom of God. Mike is also the Founder and CEO of a business professional training organization that trains and equips the next generation of business as mission (BAM) leaders called Third Path Initiative. Third Path Initiative is a non-residential, collaborative equipping process designed to accelerate the understanding and impact of the next generation of BAM leaders and practitioners worldwide. By building a network of universities, mission agencies, business leaders, business as mission thought leaders and practitioners, the goal is to lead participants through academic, experiential, practical and relational exposure to real Business as Mission and to launch them into BAM careers at home or abroad, as employees or as entrepreneurs. Historically, the Christian system, has only offered two paths—ministry or business. This effort is to offer young people a third path: integration of faith and work, business as mission. Hence the name.

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